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With decades of experience, our appellate lawyers have been victorious in numerous complex cases, and we have the capabilities required to take on the world’s biggest law firms when pursuing and defending against appeals.

From Brian’s interview for the Masters of the Courtroom series on

When litigants come to us with an appellate issue, we take action quickly. There are short timelines for preserving the right to appeal, and there is a lot that goes into determining whether the juice will be worth the squeeze. We take an efficient, results-focused approach to evaluating the feasibility of appeals, and we provide our clients with clear, straightforward advice regarding the prospects of achieving a positive result at the appellate level.

Our appellate briefs are always written by our senior attorneys, unlike other law firms where junior associates often do the bulk of the work. This practice ensures that the brief is as strong as possible, and it also adds efficiency to the process.

In addition to being skilled legal writers, our appellate attorneys are also highly-competent orators. When our clients’ appeals go to hearing, we relish the opportunity to present our arguments to the appellate panel. We are unwaveringly confident in our ability to effectively represent our clients in appellate court, and our case results speak for themselves.

Please visit our Case result page to learn more about our reported appellate decisions, which you can find on Brian Grossman’s attorney bio page.

You’ve made it this far—don’t let rushed decisions or careless mistakes jeopardize the outcome of your case. Choose Tesser | Grossman LLP and let us show you why we have earned an excellent reputation for providing our clients with effective appellate representation. To speak with an appellate litigation attorney at Tesser | Grossman LLP, call 310-207-4558 today.