We Help Clients Resolve Construction Disputes

Construction delays, payment issues and shoddy workmanship are all reasons legal actions might arise. If you are faced with a legal battle involving a construction issue, you want to work with a firm that is experienced in settling these disputes.

Experienced Litigators Achieving Results

For over 20 years, the attorneys at Tesser | Grossman LLP have represented clients in resolving their construction law cases. We have worked with all of the various parties to contract disputes, such as homeowners, builders, contractors and subcontractors, installers, developers, maintenance workers, engineers, residents, homeowners' associations and more.

We have offices in Los Angeles and can help you through construction litigation. Call us at 310-694-5424 to find out how we have helped clients resolve their cases and how we can assist you.

Our Breadth Of Experience Makes Us Knowledgeable

Some of the cases we've represented involved:

  • Payment issues, including payment among subcontractors or suppliers and mechanic's liens
  • Disputes among business owners
  • Breach of contract, including contractors not completing agreed-upon work, late completion of work, suspension of work and other delays
  • Construction defects, including poor workmanship or improper specifications
  • Problems caused by mold or water damage
  • Work site conditions
  • Eminent domain claims and the California Constitution

We handle these cases and many other types of construction cases and general litigation.

How To Avoid Mechanic's Liens

The best way to resolve mechanic's lien problems is not have them in the first place. Here are some ways to avoid trouble with mechanic's liens being placed on your property:

  • When paying for work, include the contractor and subcontractor's names on any checks.
  • Have the subcontractors sign a lien waiver from the general contractor, if allowed.
  • Make payments directly to the suppliers or subcontractors, so the money doesn't funnel through the general contractor. Use this option only as a last resort because it may cause other complications regarding tax withholding laws and other issues.

Speak with an attorney for more in-depth advice on these and other construction law issues.

Free Consultation To Help You Move Past Construction Problems

Call us to speak with a lawyer about your construction dispute at 310-694-5424. You can also begin telling us about your case through our convenient online form. We offer a free, confidential initial consultation to discuss your case.