Have You Been Treated Unfairly By An Insurance Company?

Have you experienced a loss only to have coverage denied by your insurance company? Maybe you had an auto accident and the other party's insurance company denied your claim without even investigating the accident. Maybe your home was water damaged by a hurricane or other storm and the insurance company denied your claim even though your policy specifically states it covers water damage from storms.

These stories are all too common as insurance companies strive to reduce monetary payouts to individuals and increase returns for their shareholders. But the law states that insurance companies must treat the public fairly. When they don't, they may be guilty of acting in bad faith. If you've been treated unfairly by an insurance company, you may have a case for bad faith.

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How Do I Know If I Have A Case For Bad Faith?

Basically, insurance bad faith means that the insurance company did not act properly in handling your insurance claim. The company and its adjusters are required by law to behave in a certain way when investigating claims.

These improper actions can include:

  • Not investigating a claim adequately
  • Denial of your claim without stating a reason for the denial
  • Delaying investigating or paying your claim for no reason
  • Using inappropriate pressure tactics in settling claims
  • Insisting you pay for part of a settlement
  • Acting unreasonably in demanding you prove your loss
  • Avoiding paying a claim by lying about or misrepresenting the policy coverage

These are just some of the ways a company can act in bad faith in claim handling.

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