Intellectual Property Litigators Pursuing Trademark And Copyright Infringement

Artists and entertainment professionals must present their work to the world in order for it to be noticed. But what happens when that work is stolen or infringed upon? How do you protect your rights so all your hard work pays off? Being an artist is as much about creating art as it is about protecting your work and treating it like a business.

At Tesser | Grossman LLP, we believe people have a right to protect their creative work from theft and infringement. We also work with clients on trademark issues such as trademark searches and protecting symbols. Our lawyers have over 20 years of experience assisting clients with their intellectual property litigation. We can help you, too.

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Experience Litigating Trademark Cases

A trademark is any symbol, graphic image or distinguishing mark that differentiates your business from your competition. It's the way your customers and fans recognize your work or your company. This kind of strong branding can be the difference between being a household name and being just another product on the shelf. We have litigated many trademark cases before the Trial and Appeal Board — and won.

What Is Copyright Infringement?

When someone steals your work and passes it off as their own — or simply does not get permission to use it and doesn't give credit to the owner— this is called copyright infringement, and it's illegal. Our copyright infringement cases involve clients who want to protect their work in music, film, television and other media.

Some examples of copyright infringement include:

  • Someone uses a photograph you took and puts it on their website.
  • Someone steals part or all of a song you wrote.
  • Someone prints a chapter or passage from a book you wrote.

Any of these things is an example of copyright theft. You would have a right to pursue a civil case for damages against the person or organization.

Time Is Critical As Statute of Limitations May Apply

Your time to bring a legal action against the offending party may be limited by law. These time limits can vary depending on your case. In California, as a general rule, once you discover the intellectual theft, that is when the statute begins to take effect. Typically, you have three years to bring an action against the party who stole your work. Speak with an attorney to find out how the statute applies in your case. Timely filing of an action is critical in these cases.

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