Experienced Litigators Pursuing The Rights Of Entertainers To Their Work

Imagine that you are watching TV and suddenly you see an idea of yours played out in plain sight on the screen, right down to the details of the characters and places and even the dialogue you created. You had submitted the screenplay or idea for consideration to a movie production company months earlier, but it was turned down. Now someone has taken your idea and passed it off as their own.

This is just one example of the kinds of entertainment law cases we represent. We work with actors, producers, entertainers, musicians, production companies, artists, media personalities, authors and others to protect their creative efforts and entertainment endeavors.

The attorneys at Tesser | Grossman LLP have over 20 years of experience dealing with this unique and unfortunate kind of theft and unfair dealings. Call our office in Los Angeles for a free consultation at 310-694-5424. When someone steals your valuable ideas, you can fight back.

Representing Many Types Of Entertainment Law Cases

Entertainment litigation is a special subset of business law. Our lawyers assist clients with cases in this niche area. We've tried numerous cases and won for clients in California and beyond. Here are some types of cases we represent:

  • Copyright infringement
  • Idea submission claims for theft of intellectual property
  • Royalty disputes, audit claims and profit participation for producer rights
  • Licensing deals and publicity rights
  • Endorsements
  • Marketing and distribution issues
  • Breach of contract cases, including recording, film and talent

Profit Participation Should Be Rewarded, Not Reneged On

If you were promised an agreed-upon share of profits from a project you worked on as a producer or in another role, you deserve to collect what you were owed. Our lawyers assist clients in pursuing what was promised by entertainment companies and other business partners.

We've helped some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry receive monies they were owed. Our experienced team of litigators knows how to pursue these cases. We've gone to court and won, over and over.

Ready To Defend Your Rights To Your Work Product

You deserve to have the rights to your creative work protected. We can help you. Call us at 310-694-5424 for a free consultation. You can also email us to explain your issue and start the process.